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Not Just Plain Old Boring Concrete

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Not Just Plain Old Boring Concrete


Top 10 Popular Mixes

A subtle blend of multi-coloured pebbles in a light sandy based colour. This mix has plenty of stone and as a result has a smooth texture ideal for patios, pool surrounds and driveways.


Beachy comes to mind. This mix has a beautiful white to biscuit coloured quartz pebble in a beach coloured sand base. Looks great with sandstone and light pastel colours.


A stunning blend of quartz type smooth pebbles with a scattering of black basalt throughout. Featuring a bone coloured background, highlighting a brilliant stone colour. Can be bordered with sawn bluestone to create a unique look.


Beige and brown - blending small pebbles, brown granite and a beige concrete base colour as well as adding black basalt scattered throughout makes for a very attractive earthy toned mix. 


Without doubt the most popular blend. Offering four different stone types including quartz type pebbles, granites and basalt cast into a natural sand type base colour. This blend will compliment your home by adding value and distinction whether it be contemporary or traditional style. 



A contemporary look incorporating a charcoal background and featuring mica filled with grey granite blended with basalt. Typically used with contemporary designs with darker shadowed colours. 


Again a contemporary look, however a lighter background colour in a grey shade which highlights a multi-coloured pebble and basalt stone blend


An old country road best describes this mix. Having a light charcoal base and a multi-coloured bluestone with bronze, jade and mauves. This is a highly durable surface as this stone is extremely hard. 


Same stone colour as the Montrose mix but with a flash of brilliant white quartz scattered throughout. Contemporary and traditional style alike. 



Starting with a charcoal base colour, an extremely popular mix incorporating rich golden brown granite combined with two sizes of dark basalt. Ideal when natural timbers are used in combination. 

Exposed aggregate is a durable, stylish way to add quality concrete to your home or business. The process involves pouring concrete with rock, slate, tile or shell – this is the “aggregate”. Once set, the concrete is sanded back to reveal a beautiful finish. Exposed aggregate is becoming an increasing trend amongst home owners for their beauty and durability.

So, is your home in need of exposed aggregate? Croydon and surrounding home owners needn’t look further than PMB Concreting, the local experts on exposed aggregate concrete. It’s a versatile finish with a number of applications. These including driveways – for a stylish and hardwearing finish, to pool edges – for a textured, slip-resistant surface. Exposed aggregate can also be used for landscaping, pathways, outdoor entertainment areas and more! The opportunities are truly endless.

In Need of Exposed Aggregate for Your Home? Croydon Locals, Look No Further Than PMB Concreting!

Aggregates come in all types, shapes and styles – we have a number of gorgeous finishes for you to choose from. Our friendly team at PMB Concreting can give you recommendations on what aggregates will give you the finish you’re looking for.

If you’re in the market for exposed aggregate, Croydon and surrounding suburbs can rely on PMB Concreting, the leading local experts. We won’t cut corners on your project. We have a team of skilled concreters guarantee that you will be satisfied with our premium exposed aggregate – a finish to match the beauty of your home.